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Yes there is. No, we don't give away free pedometers here at STEPTREK*. But there are ways to get financing for your walking PedometerFundingGrantsprogram. Here are some ideas for locating sources to possibly help foot the bill.

*Why don't we have any pedometers available to give away? At STEPTREK, our pedometers are not manufactured until a customer places an order. Each order is newly made, specifically for each customer. This ensures newly made pedometers with brand new batteries. We only carry a limited quantity of 'stock' of pedometers. No warehousing means lower prices for everyone.


Some of our customers partner with SPONSORS to help pay for their pedometers. Depending on your particular situation, you may have sponsors already providing your organization with products, services, or funding. Smaller organizations, such as schools, may be able to find a local business willing to spend of their advertising budget in exchange for promotional consideration.
We'll imprint your sponsor's logo, slogan, or other information, in one or two colors, on the case of any of our pedometer models for no extra charge on 500 pieces or more. Smaller quantities can be imprinted for a small charge per pedometer. Small businesses to large corporations have provided funding for pedometers with their logo. They see it as a unique, positive way to get their brand out in front of people. Imprint the sponsor's name, or use the space to include your organization's logo and/or other information about your organization's efforts. Or we can imprint a coupon or other offer for you. It's up to you.
Benefits for sponsors:
- Pedometers are a proactive item which convey a positive impression, encouraging movement and activity.
- Pedometers have a perceived value as an electronic item.
- Pedometers are used over and over, giving long term exposure to the sponsors logo or message.


Funds may or may not be available directly from any source listed below, depending on particular budgets. A phone call or e-mail may be all it takes to get help paying for your pedometer program.

-About half the States in the USA have State sponsored healthy community programs or foundations, encouraging the public to participate in sports, and other activities. These programs may assist by providing funding. If they have pedometer programs already in place, they may have pedometers available at reduced cost or free of charge.
-State and County Health Departments may receive grants for assisting programs promoting healthy communities. These programs may assist by providing funding or possibly having pedometer programs already in place and available at reduced cost or free of charge.
-Community grants may become available through corporations or private foundations who seek to partner with non-profit health promotion organizations, activities, or events.
- Businesses and other groups may find funding through their company's health insurance program.
-Agricultural and foodservice organizations sponsor non-profit organizations through local, regional, or State Boards or Councils. (Dairy, Beef, Produce Boards often set aside funding for promotion efforts.) -Hospitals and other health organizations may have funds available, too.
-Schools may receive general grants from corporations, private organizations or individuals which can be used to purchase fitness or health related equipment.
- Some schools have found creative funding methods! One school funded pedometers through their school's academic funds budget. The teacher incorporates math by having students calculate personal calorie consumption, distance walked and other measurements using their pedometers. Funding may be available through science and/or math grants.
Another teacher focuses on which foods are high and low in fat and calories, so kids can make the connection between foods and exercise. They learn about which foods are better, they learn how much exercise it takes to burn off calories, and they learn to estimate how many calories they burn off. This touches on 3 areas of education, combining mental and phyiscal activity with nutrition education.

-Schools which have had funding cut for physical education classes may also find funding available through school referendums.


If you are looking for a single pedometer for personal use, there are a few sources on the internet you can try. Note: The sources listed below are provided as a courtesy only. The companies listed do not own and are not owned by, affiliated with, or endorsed by STEPTREK. Availability and quality are the sole responsibility of the company offering the pedometer(s) and may or may not be available depending on their terms.


Do YOU know of any sources for free pedometers? We'd love to hear about it so we can tell others by listing it here. Contact us and give us the link.

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